Four professional polo players decided to put their energy and determination together to create the HAITI POLO TEAM with the sole purpose of fulfilling their need to get involved socially and dedicate their wins to Haiti. Today, Haiti Polo Team is the only club in the world representing Haiti, a country where polo has historical roots but little present-day practice.  Team Captain Claude-Alix Bertrand founded the team with the intention of competing in international competitions and promoting Haiti in positive and powerful ways.

Today, Haiti Polo Team boasts players from around the world, including Oceania, Africa, South America, and of course our Haitian team captain. Every time four of these players come together to represent Haiti in a global tournament, something electric happens. Polo fans, who've perhaps never heard of Haiti, have the opportunity to witness devotion and athleticism all in the name of Haiti. 

The odd combination of having the words “POLO” and “HAITI” in the same phrase doubled with the accumulation of titles won have given this team a unique way to contribute to a country in great need of love, positive energy and great visibility. We work hard to succeed utilizing this platform to present a different side of Haiti to the world. 

Each tournament is not only a competition but an opportunity for our captain, named Ambassador of Goodwill for Haiti by President Michel J. Martelly, and his team to present the countless opportunities Haiti has to offer.

In partnership with the Ministries of Tourism and Sport we intend to attract a select group of Tourists and investors to Haiti. The goal is to play a meaningful role in Haiti’s economy and for its people.  

This project is already creating jobs and offering great business opportunities. By joining forces with multiple charitable organizations, there will be a direct impact on the surrounding cities.